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Compiled by Loretta Lay and Adam Wood

New Softcover. Pre-order before 1st December 2020 to receive an individually numbered copy signed by both authors.

Although the occasional photograph had been taken of locations associated with Jack the Ripper since 1888 by journalists, interested individuals and early authors, it was in the 1960s, with the advent of the more affordable camera, that budding young photographers with an interest in the Ripper case began visiting Whitechapel, Spitalfields and Aldgate, in the process creating a visual record of the area. The black-and-white images captured by the likes of John Gordon Whitby, Stewart Evans and Christian Wheeldon gave the now-familiar sites a uniquely haunting air.

Among these visitors during the Sixties was Ray Luff, a keen Ripperologist who went to the murder sites in 1965. As increasing numbers of visitors with cameras and video equipment visited Whitechapel throughout the 1970s and 80s so that the area became more frequently catalogued, Ray himself returned in the mid-1990s to comprehensively photograph the streets and sites he had captured thirty years previously.

His collection of more than 430 photographs taken in 1995 was acquired by true crime bookdealer Loretta Lay, and 87 of these have been carefully selected for this book by Adam Wood, author and editor of Ripperologist magazine, to represent the area as it was a quarter of a century ago, when many reading this will have first become familiar with the buildings and streets of Whitechapel.

THE WHITECHAPEL ALBUM contains images of buildings such as the dilapidated Board School on Durward Street and the long-neglected Soup Kitchen for Poor Jews on Brune Street, both since completely renovated into expensive City apartments, alongside images of the more recently demolished Mitre Square. How many visiting the area in the 1990s stopped for a sandwich at the little café at the top of Church Passage?

Other striking images include Wood’s Buildings, still accessible in 1995, and the Wash House on Old Castle Street, closed and redeveloped within three years of Ray Luff’s visit.

For some, the 87 photographs in this book will be the first time these places have been seen, while for many they will represent a nostalgic step back in time. Whereas today the area has seen change at an incredible rate, with more fully expected, the mid-1990s Whitechapel seems now, looking back, to have to been the cusp on which development began. Many of the Victorian buildings were certainly run down, abandoned and neglected, but they still stood - it was possible to get a glimpse of Jack the Ripper’s East End.

The photographs in this book are a vivid reminder of those times.

£15.00 (+p&p at the local rate). A4 softcover, colour throughout.

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THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS OF 1888: ANOTHER DEAD END? by John Malcolm - Signed, Numbered Limited Edn. (to 100). A revised and updated edition of 'Confessions of a Ripperologist' first published in 2005. The book is also illustrated with modern full-colour photos of what remains of the murder sites, as well as several contemporary photos. It is very different from the 2005 version - it's still full colour throughout, and the production is far superior this time. Illus., Propaganda/Appendix or Unnecessary Addenda. 214pp. trade size softcover. SIGNED, NUMBERED (to 100) LIMITED EDITION. ​ All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price : £20.00 + postage at the local rate.

PICTURES OF THE ABYSS by Andrew Firth - Signed, Numbered Limited Edn. (to 75). 4to hardback.  Published by Mango Books. The book contains over sixty photo-montages and over 150 colour and monochrome photographs of the scenes as they appear today. The book also features a 142 landscape pages in full colour throughout. ​Those of you who already know Andrew's work will not be disppointed. A fantastic production and quality work. Pictorial covers, dw. not required. A heavy book at approx. 1.2kg without packaging, so will require additional postage, particularly if shipped overseas. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price : £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

TRIAL OF HENRY HUNT AND OTHERS Ed. by Caitlin Kitchener. Notable British Trials Series Number 89. Signed, Numbered Limited Edn. (to 50) 8vo. Hardback in dw. Published by Mango Books. The Peterloo Massacre. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price : £20.00 + postage at the local rate. A fairly heavy book which may require additional postage, if shipped overseas.  

JACOB THE RIPPER by Neil and Tracy L'Anson - Signed, Numbered Limited Edn. (to 100) Illus., Appendices, Bibliog. and Index. 220pp. trade size softcover. Published by Mango Books. With tipped-in b/plate, Signed by both authors. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price : £15.00 + postage at the local rate.

COMING SOON....Another new title on its way : Edgar's Guides by Richard Jones (a series of pocket-sized 200 page illustrated walking tours around London) the first one being Jack the Ripper's East End. Signed. I am now taking pre-orders.

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SWANSON The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective - by Adam Wood.  Signed, Numbered, Ltd. Edn. (to 100). Preface by Nevill Swanson. Foreword by Paul Begg. Illus. in colour and b/w, Notes and References, Appendices, Bibliog. and Index. With pictorial bookplate, SIGNED by : Adam Wood, Paul Begg and Nevill Sanson. Numbered, Limited Edition. 747pp. lge. 8vo. h/back with pictorial covers (dust jacked not required). A heavy book at approx. 1.3kg without packaging, so will require additional postage, particularly if shipped overseas. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price : £30.00 + postage at the local rate.

THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER Fully Revised New Edition - by Robert Smith. Including a full-size facsimile of the original manuscript. Includes : The Facsimile of the Diary, The Transcript (new transcript correcting spellings and punctuation in the original manuscript which had been mistranscribed), The Notes, Principal Sources + Index. 162pp. 4to. softcover. FLATSIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price  : £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

SWANSON The Thurso Boy Who Became Scotland Yard's Top Detective - by Adam Wood. Abridged Limited Edn.  Illus. 140pp. Trade size softcover. SIGNED. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below. Price £10.00 + postage at the local rate

WHITECHAPEL DOORS - by Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky. 120pp. Illus. in full colour throught + text.  A4 softcover. Numbered, Limited Edn. (to 50) SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £20.00 + postage at the local rate. A fairly heavy book which will require additional postage if shipped overseas.

POLICING FROM BOW STREET Principal Officers, Runners and The Patroles. - by Peter Kennison and Alan Cook.  Illus. in colour and b/w, Timeline, Abbreviations, Bibliog. and Index. 427pp. lge. 8vo. h/back. Numbered, Limited Edn. (to 50). SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £25.00 + postage at the local rate. A fairly heavy book which will require additional postage if shipped overseas. 

TRIAL OF PERCY LEFROY MAPLETON ​-  Edited by Adam Wood. Notable British Trials Series No. 86.​This book reproduces the testimony given at the trial, together with an Introduction, Chronology, Appendices and Index. Illus. 341pp. lge. 8vo. h/back. ​SIGNED by Adam Wood . Price £25.00 + postage at the local rate. A fairly heavy book which will require additional postage if shipped overseas.

A GIRL IN BLUE MEMOIRS OF A METROPOLITAN WOMAN POLICE OFFICER 1967-73 - by Lois Willoughby-Easter.  Illus. in colour and b/w + Index. 212pp. p/back.​ Price £11.00 + postage at the local rate.

THE PUGMIRE FAITH THE CUMBERLAND BLACKSMITH AND THE MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE - by D.F. Houston. This is the true story of Jonathan Pugmire Sr; a tale of drowning, imprisonment, emigration, religion, polygamy, war and mass murder. Illus. in colour and b/w, Conclusion, Select Bibliog. and Sources, + Index. 182pp. trade size softcover. Numbered, Limited Edn. (to 25). With tipped-in b/plate SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. 

THE DENHAM MASSACRE Nineteenth-Century Britain's Most Shocking House of Horror Murders  by NEIL WATSON - A Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Hardback. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £20.00 + postage at the local rate.

STOP PRESS! - Official Notable British Trials Series to be revived. New Titles coming to cherished 54-year series. Mango Books have announced that the world-renowned book series NOTABLE BRITISH TRIALS, published from 1905 to 1959 by William Hodge, is to be revised with new cases added to the existing catalogue of 83 titles. After a gap of 58 years, Mango Books has been granted exclusive permission by William Hodge Holdings to use the official series imprint, and three new titles are currently in preparation. These will become numbers 84, 85 and 86 in the NBT series, with the first scheduled for publication in September 2017. This will be the TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI, edited by M.W. Oldridge. Lipski was a Jewish immigrant to London's Victorian East End who seemingly poisoned the pregnant wife of a fellow resident at his Batty Street lodgings and then attempted suicide by draining the remaining drops of acid from the bottle. When the locked door to her room was broken open, Miriam Angel was found dead, with Israel Lipski lying unconscious under her bed.

Further volumes are being planned, including the cases of LOUISE MASSET, the first person executed in the 20th century, who murdered her three-year-old son and left his body at Dalston Junction railway station, and PERCY LEFROY MAPLETON, the infamous railway murderer of Mr Frederick Isaac Gold on the Brighton line in 1881,

Visit for further information. 

Many copies of the original series are available for sale on the LayBooks website.

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