Author: Hodgson (Peter) & Russell (Damien) Ed. by:
Year: 2002
Publisher: Minerva Press. (Leics.)
First Edition
Signed by the author
Edition Details: 1st edn.
Book Condition: Vg.
ISBN: 9780754116073
Price: 60.00
Softcover. SIGNED. The author has made a 'comprehensive examination of the Ripper in both reality and myth. He considers the social and historical factors surrounding the interpretation of the crimes as well as providing a detailed overview of what is known about the actual events themselves. All the main theories are examined and the author includes cinematic and literary material that has been inspired by the gaslight fiend's murderous acts. At the centre of the book is the author's impassioned interest in the puzzle of these horrific murders, and at the investigation's close, he espouses his own perspective on the motive and mind behind these events, which remain shocking even in today's violent society. Peter Hodgson's in-depth psychological profile of the murderer enables him to pinpoint the most likely candidate for the role of the world's most infamous killer - Jack the Ripper. What do a dissolute Prince, a Jewish slaughterman, a post-Impressionist painter, a dock worker, two bloodhounds and a leading Freemason have in common? They were all involved - as suspects or otherwise - in the hideous web of butchery and lust that surrounded the five East End prostitutes done to death by 'Jack the Ripper' in 1888.' Illus., Select Bibliog. + Other Sources. 291pp. trade p/back. An interesting note about the editor of this book: Damien Russell's great-grandfather, Charles Russell, was Florence Maybrick's Defence lawyer. Footnote: As the direct result of the publisher going out of business and reneging on the contract they had with Peter, probably only about 100 copies of this excellent book saw the light of day. This now makes it one of the rarest of the 'Ripper' books in circulation. Vg. softcover FLAT SIGNED BY PETER HODGSON reading 'Best Wishes! Peter Hodgson (the killer!)'. Reference to 'the killer' is taken from Jerry Lewis. Even today some of Peter's friends still call him 'the killer'.

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