FRAUDS & SWINDLES A Cautionary Handbook.

Author: Moore (Maurice C.)
Year: 1947
Publisher: Gee.
Edition Details: 2nd edn. (1st pub. 1933) (war ec.)
Book Condition: NrF
Price: 10.00
Hardback. The main portion of this book was issued rather more than half-way through the period that has become known as 'the years between' - that is, the period between the 2 world wars. A crime-wave of the expected kind had followed the 1914-18 war, and, as usually happens in these cases, the 'wave' had gradually spilled over from criminal acts of the forcible and violent type into those of a more peaceful persuasion - ie misdemeanours of the Artful Dodger, cunning-before-force type. The author therefore decided to reissue his book, having brought it 'up-to-date.' Chapter headings include : The People Who 'Work' the Frauds; Tricks with Bank Notes, Currency Notes and Cash; Cheque Frauds; Frauds in Connection with Advertising; False Pretences; 'Accidents' to the Public; Till-Robbing Trickeries; Shoplifting; 'Assorted' Swindles etc. 96pp. small 8vo. h/back. Nr F.


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