ALIEN DAWN An Investigation into the Contact Experience.

Author: Wilson (Colin)
Year: 1998
Publisher: Virgin.
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/F
ISBN: 9781852277468
Price: 5.00
Hardback. A book which tells the extraordinary story of Colin Wilson's personal quest for a solution to the UFO mystery. In the spring of 1995, at a conference on the paranormal, he met psychiatrist John Mack, and learned that Mack was working with people who believed they had been abducted by 'aliens' - usually little grey creatures with huge eyes. Mack's conclusions made Colin aware that the UFO phenomenon had changed radically since the 1980s, and that the only way to understand these new and bizarre complications was to go back to the beginning and start all over again. He starts with account of his acquaintance with Uri Geller and Andrija Pujarich, who were convinced they had been selected by aliens to deliver a momentous message to the inhabitanta of earth. He went on to study cases documented by friends like Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Ted Holiday and Linda Moulton Howe, who had concluded that the 'aliens' are not visitors from other planets, but beings with supernormal powers, who might originate in other dimensions of space - or even time. Their purpose may be connected with the transformation of human consciousness. Colin has produced the most comprehensive bird's eye view of the subject ever undertaken, drawing conclusions of overwhelming significance to us all. Illus., Selected Bibliog. and Index. 322pp. lge. 8vo. h/back. F. in F. dw.


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