Author: Knowlton (Janice) with Newton (Michael)
Year: 1995
Publisher: Pocket Books.
Edition Details: 1st US p/b edn.
Book Condition: NrF.
ISBN: 0671880845
Price: 5.00
Paperback. Revealed at last - the identity of America's most notorious serial murderer. A horrifying memory suppressed for years resurfaces. It is one of the most enduringly fascinating crimes in American history. On January 15, 1947, passers-by made a grisly discovery in a vacant lot in Los Angeles: the body of a naked young woman, cut in two, and savagely mutilated. The victim was identified as Elizabeth Short, a struggling Hollywood actress. Nicknamed the Black Dahlia by a headline-hungry press, her lurid demise sparked a desperate manhunt. But the mystery of the Black Dahlia murder remained unsolved for nearly half a century - until now. A victim of incest and brutality from infancy, Janice Knowlton was an old hand at repressing hideous memories by age 10, when she watched her father, George Frederick Knowles, torture, kill, and dismember Elizabeth Short in the detached garage of their California home. It was not the first of Daddy's murders Jan had witnessed, and it would not be the last - but she had been so traumatised that it took over 4 decades for fragments of her memory to resurface. Aided by a family counsellor specialising in child abuse, Jan experienced a nightmare flood of childhood memories - and realised that she had witnessed her father commit up to 9 savage and sadistic murders, including that of her own infant son, a child of incest. Using census records, maps, family interviews, police reports, and clippings from a dozen newspapers to document her searing memories, Janice exposes her father's 30yr rampage of rape and murder in this astonishing survivor's testament - and provides persuasive evidence that Los Angeles law enforcement authorities always knew the shocking truth. 363pp. mass market p/back. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. Lightly browned pp. o/w Nr. F. with no creasing to covers.


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