OFF THE RECORD The first-ever thorough examination of the workings of The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

Author: Breed (Bryan)
Year: 1987
Publisher: John Clare Books
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: NrF.
ISBN: 0906549566
Price: 4.00
Softcover. In its spirit the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 was something of a landmark in British justice and civil liberties. It gave an ex-offender the chance to 'wipe the slate clean'. If he or she did not commit another offence for a stated number of years, the conviction would, for most practical purposes, disappear. The conviction would become 'spent' and could not be disclosed except in certain exceptional circumstances. The Act should have been a great asset to ex-offenders who wished to rehabilitate themselves and to those who work in this field, particularly in terms of employment. Yet, what has been its effect in practice and in truth? This book was the first ever examination of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and its workings. It not only tells the history of the Act and what it was meant to achieve, but reveals disturbing facts about its limitations and how it was being abused and misused. It prompted thought on whether fresh legislation was needed to give the Act the effectiveness originally intended. This book was commissioned by The Apex Trust, the leading national agency concerned with the placement of ex-offenders. With Appendices. 169pp. softcover. Nr. F.


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