THE FIRST PUBLICATIONS ABOUT JACK THE RIPPER (Pub. 1888, Illus.): The Curse Upon Mitre Square A.D. 1530 - 1888 & The History of the Whitechapel Murders

Author: Brewer (John Francis) and Hammott (Ben) eBook Ed. & Compiled by :
Year: 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform/Amazon
Edition Details: Unabridged & Illus. Two Book Edn.
Book Condition: Vg.
ISBN: 9781508564386
Price: 15.00
Paperback. eBook. Unabridged and Illus. Two Book Edn. The included publications have been typed from the originals and are not scanned or photocopied editions. During the era of the Jack the Ripper slayings in 1888, the newspapers' sensational headlines captured the public's imagination, but did little to satisfy their hunger for more news on these ghastly crimes. John Francis Brewer, no doubt seeing a way to profit from the hysteria surrounding the 'Ripper' murders, puts pen to paper and in October 1888, even before the final murder had been committed and 'Jack' disappeared forever, the first fictionalisation of the Ripper killings appeared in the form of John Francis Brewer's 'The Curse Upon Mitre Square'. Though neither book reveals clues as to the Ripper's identity, and contain factual errors because they were written at the time of the murders, they do allow us a glimpse of the public feeling surrounding the Ripper murders. These very first printed publications dedicated to Jack the Ripper are essential reading to those interested in Jack the Ripper and murder stories in general. 'The History of the Whitechapel Murders' is the original title. This publication was reprinted in 1889 as: 'An Extended Account of the Whitechapel Murders by the Infamous Jack the Ripper'. This later edition omitted some of the original 1888 text and images, and added a few new images. These changes are clearly marked in the combined 1888 and 1889 publications. New images have also been added. Illus. 210pp. p/back. With an indentation penetrating the fr. cover and first few pp. o/w Vg.


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