CARROTY NELL The Last Victim of Jack the Ripper

Author: Keefe (John E.)
Year: 2012
Publisher: Menotomy Publishing
Edition Details: Revised 2nd US Edn.
Book Condition: As New
ISBN: 9781475125658
Price: 10.00
Paperback. Revised 2nd Edn. I believe this may be a POD title. 'The dimly lit streets of London's East End were practically deserted as a man and woman made their way through the pre-dawn darkness on a chilly February morning in 1891. No one saw the couple as they passed under the glare of a gas streetlamp, then turned and walked into a dark, tunnel-like passageway under some railway tracks. Had anyone been about, they might have taken the man to be a sailor, and they would have noticed that the woman was rather small and quite attractive. Victorians referred to people like her as 'unfortunates' - impoverished women who turned to prostitution for survival. Her hope that night was just to earn enough money to get a place to sleep. Instead, she was destined to become the final victim of the dreaded killer known as Jack the Ripper.' This book tells the story of Carroty Nell's tragic descent from a working class neighbourhood to the mean streets of Whitechapel, and chronicles the events surrounding that fateful encounter. Illus., Notes and Sources, Bibliog. and Index. 284pp. p/back. As New with no creasing to covers.


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