THE FACE OF JACK THE RIPPER Revealed for the First Time

Author: Thurgood (Peter)
Year: 2017
Publisher: Independently Puiblished/Amazon
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: As New
ISBN: 9781549514869
Price: £12.00
Softcover. The author's aim in writing this book was to expose for the very first time a completely new and compelling theory that reveals the true identity of Jack the Ripper. In 1888, a series of murders occurred in London’s East End. The first definite victim of the killer who became known as Jack the Ripper was Mary Nichols, who was murdered on 31st August 1888. She was the first of what are often referred to as the five "canonical" victims, all of whom were murdered between August 31st and November 9th 1888; a period of just 10 weeks. The canonical five victims were Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly, all of whom are believed to have been murdered by the man now known throughout the world as Jack the Ripper. It has been 129 years since these murders took place and no one has ever been charged with committing any of them. This was a multiple murder case that gripped the nation, a veritable “whodunit” which baffled every policeman in the country. With an abundance of suspects, from royalty to artists to local trades-men and countless arrests no one until now has ever been able to name the person who, without a doubt was Jack the Ripper. These were no ordinary murders, they were macabre, like the Devil himself had committed them. What kind of man would do such things – cutting a woman open and pulling her intestines out and spreading them over her body in the street in full view of any passer by? People have been asking that question for 129 years – “What kind of man?” Was he like the Devil – a monster with an evil face who swept through the streets of Whitechapel in a top hat and flowing cloak, carrying a doctor’s bag containing the tools of his trade? If he had been this visible the author is assured that he would have been captured much earlier into his career and it might have even saved the lives of some of his victims. Jack the Ripper did wear a cloak, but not as we know it, it was like a cloak of invisibility, which protected him from the men and women on the streets from fearing him, for who is frightened of the ‘ordinary’ man, the man next door in his overcoat and bowler hat, the man we all know and trust? In this book the real murderer is revealed for the first time exclusively in this captivating study of a multiple murder case that took place in the nineteenth century; evidence and facts never revealed before. Unpaginated (199pp). Trade size softcover. As New with no creasing to covers.


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