IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JACK THE RIPPER You Play Detective to Reveal The Real Killer!

Author: Robson (Alan)
Year: 2017
Publisher: BNBS
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 9781999788254
Price: 5.00
Softcover. Who was he? How can any man rip women to pieces and yet remain invisible in the most crowded city in Europe? Was it the infamous Masonic Plot? Was it a conspiracy to protect a member of the Royal Family? So many questions, so many misguided opinions and frankly a subject that is surrounded by so much spin and innuendo the truth has become inconsequential. Do we prefer to wonder at the incredible disappearing act of one of humanities most sadistic butchers or, deep down, do we want to know the name of the man who was Jack the Ripper? And for the first time, an investigation has taken place to include details of ghost hunts and recordings made whilst roaming the dark streets of Whitechapel. You will uncover the truth here and now. 122pp. softcover. F. with no creasing to covers.


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