MURDER CASEBOOK Investigations into the Ultimate Crime Parts 135 - 150

Author: Various
Year: 1992
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/F
Price: 35.00
Softcover. Magazine format - a weekly publication. 16 copies, includes Index, bound in their own black binder. Contents : Billionaire Boys Club Murders (Joe Hunt); No. 136 Dealt the Death Card (Joseph Bowne Elwell); No. 137 Insane Murderers (Herbert Mullin and Patrick Mackay); No. 138 The Scissors Murder (Lehnberg and Choegoe); No. 139 Moat House Farm Murders (Samuel Dougal); No. 140 A Sense of Injustice (The Foster Gang and Gordon Kahl); No. 141 Body in the Sack Murders (Donald and Manton); No. 142 Resentment Killers (Carl Panzram and Werner Boost); No. 143 Crazy Gunmen (Robert Poulin, Julian Knight & Marc Lepine); No. 144 A Disciplined Death (Peter Plumley-Walker); No. 145 Deadly Deal in Hollywood (Paul Bern); No. 146 Texas Teenage Murders (David Spence and Greg Knighten); No. 147 The Odd Couple (Kenneth Halliwell). Loosely inserted : No. 148 Dangerous Liaisons (Joe Pikul and Lee Orsini); No. 149 Assassination - The Price of Politics (James Earl Ray and Carl Weiss); No. 150 Index Contents Parts 1 - 149: A Subject List of each issue. A-Z Index: Entries in alphabetical order for easy access. Profusely Illus. F. in F. Binder. Heavy weighing over 2kg so will require additional postage.

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