MURDER CASEBOOK Investigations into the Ultimate Crime Parts 61 - 75

Author: Various
Year: 1991
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/F
Price: 30.00
Softcover. Magazine format - a weekly publication. 15 copies bound in their own black binder. Contents : No. 61 Body in the Trunk (John Robinson, Tony Mancini, Winnie Judd); No. 62 The Deadly Couple (Snyder and Gray); No. 63 Mad Bad Bill (William Heirens); No. 64 The Atlanta Lynching (Leo Frank); No. 65 Adultery and Arsenic (Armstrong, Greenwood, Waite); No. 66 Brides in the Bath (George Joseph Smith); No. 67 Who Killed Miss Gilchrist? (Oscar Slater); No. 68 Blood on the Streets (Enemies of the State); No. 69 The Barbaric Buccaneer (Donald Merrett); No. 70 Badmen of the Wild West (Jesse James & Billy the Kid); No. 71 Ritual Killings (Lower Quinton, Hagley Wood and the Labbe Case); No. 72 Blackout Killers (Gordon Cummins, August Sangret, Karl Hulten); No. 73 The Baby Farmer (Gary Heidnik); No. 74 Sex Fiends (Harvey Glatman and Jerry Brudos); No. 75 The Railway Killers (Duffy, Muller, Matuschka). Profusely Illus. F. in F. Binder. Heavy weighing over 2kg so will require additional postage.

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