MURDER CASEBOOK Investigations into the Ultimate Crime Parts 106 - 119

Author: Various
Year: 1991
Publisher: Marhall Cavendish
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/F
Price: 28.00
Softcover. Magazine format - a weekly publication. 14 copies bound in their own black binder. Contents : No. 106 Handsome Devil (Eugen Weidmann); 107 Traces of Poison (Florence Bravo and Adelaide Bartlett); 108 Unfinished Business (Cleveland's Mad Butcher and the Green River Killer); No. 109 Left-luggage Killers (Devereux, Singh and Goold); No. 110 Alcatraz Breakout (Bernie Coy); No. 111 Deadly Duo of Sex Killers (John Norman Collins and Leonard Lake); No. 112 Murder for Money (De Stempel and Von Bulow); No. 113 Killers on the Shore (Patrick Mahon and Herbert Bennett); No. 114 Inner City Sadists (the Stockwell Strangler and Bible John); No. 115 Anarchist Gangsters (The Bonnot Gang); No. 116 Visions of Murder (Henry Lee Lucas and the Zodiac Killer); No. 117 Deadly Partners (Sheila Garvie and Ronald Cohen); No. 118 Imperfect Parents (Dale Cavaness and Marie Hilley); No. 119 Bodyless Murders (Edward Ball, Michael Onufrejczyk and James Camb). Profusely Illus. F. in F. Binder. Heavy weighing over 2kg so will require additional postage.

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