VERDICT AND SENTENCE Famous Crimes Recalled

Author: Logan (Guy B.H.)
Year: 1935
Publisher: Eldon Press
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: NrVg.
Price: 50.00
Hardcover. Foreword by Sir Basil Thomson. Featuring 19th century crimes which include : Mr. and Mrs. Manning; Franz Muller (the first train murder); James Cook; Elizabeth Avis Laws and Robert T. Palin; Thurtell and Hunt (the tragedy of John Thurtell); Dr. George H. Lamson (Case of the Dundee Cake); Lizzie Borden (the Fall River mystery); Edgar Edwards (the Leyton-Camberwell murders); Sidney H. Fox (a case of matricide); Norman Thorne (the Corpse in the Chicken Run); The Evangelista Massacre; Robert Higgins, Dr. J.H. Snook, Clarence Lukehart, Dr. K.B. Uhls and Frank Lennard, William N. Coffey, Adolph Hotelling; Edward Howard Ruloff (prince of rogues). 280pp. 8vo. h/back. Lightly browned pp., sl. sunned and marked sp., small mks. to fr. cover (see image) o/w a Nr. Vg. copy of a scarce Guy Logan title.


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