THE DIARY OF JACK THE RIPPER Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Author: Winner (Michael) Presented by:
Year: 1999
Publisher: Image Entertainment
Edition Details: DVD Edition
Book Condition: F.
Price: 5.00
DVD. Taken from the DVD 'blurb'. 'After more than a century - out of the mists and fogs of Victorian London, across 105 years of mystery, of speculation, of surmise and confusion - come the actual words of the most notorious murderer of all time: terrifying, chilling and true. This astonishing new documentary brings the authentic words of Jack the Ripper's 63-page "diary", a macabre record of obsession, horror and madness, are the basis for a 78-minute dramatized analysis that overturns all previous theories and investigations. Introduced and presented by Michael Winner - Britain's most celebrated producer of "True Crime Investigations" - this film tells the astonishing story of the discovery of the diary and the identification of James Maybrick as the world's most notorious murderer. Step by painstaking step the diary is analyzed, verified and questioned; experts pit their knowledge against the information in the diary; gradually and remorselessly the evidence against Maybrick mounts - until his identity is beyond reasonable doubt.' Running time 79 minutes, PAL, All Regions, colour. F. in DVD plastic case.

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