Author: N/A
Year: 2003
Publisher: Delta
Edition Details: 1st
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 4006408826064
Price: 5.00
DVD. Visit the murder sites and explore the facts and myth surrounding one of the worlds most notorious serial killers. There was a time when just the whisper of the name "Jack the Ripper" struck terror into the hearts of the brave. It was autumn of 1888, and an evil monster, responsible for committing a series of gruesome murders, was stalking the streets of London. The crimes have never been solved to this day and the story of "Jack the Ripper" is still the stuff of nightmares. Conspiracy theories abound and suspects literally range from British Royalty to the lowest of the low, from native East Enders born within the sound of Bow bells to an American "Quack" Doctor who regularly visited the streets of Whitechapel. There is not a soul worldwide, who can resist the challenge of unmasking "Jack the Ripper" and this programme has been presented in such a way as to help both learned expert and amateur sleuths alike do just that. The facts are placed before you, and the conspiracies that have emerged are all considered on their various merits. Visit for yourself the murder sites and make your own judgements on the evidence available, study the archives and police records and meet the women who fell victim to Jack the Ripper's vicious blade. The atmosphere of Victorian London is terrifyingly realistic, so be prepared, this is a journey of discovery that will chill you to the very marrow, and you will never be able o forget Jack the Ripper and his evil deeds for as long as you live. Running time approx. 90 minutes, Region 0, PAL. F. in DVD plastic case.

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