PARTNERS IN EVIL The Shocking True Story of a Fantasy Turned Deadly

Author: Jackson (Steve)
Year: 2003
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Edition Details: 1st US edn.
Book Condition: NrF
ISBN: 0786015217
Price: 5.00
Paperback. In April 1997, pretty, 22yr old Jacine Gielinski stopped her car at a Colorado Springs red light. She had no idea that she was being followed - or of the unspeakable horrors that awaited her. Within minutes, Jacine would become the victim of a pair of twisted friends whose obsession with ultra-violent pornography inspired them to abduct, then brutally rape, torture, and mutilate the helpless woman, turning a deaf ear to her desperate cries for mercy. Best friends George Woldt and Lucas Salmon were an unlikely pair. Woldt was a fast-talking liar and a well-dressed ladies man. The deeply religious Salmon couldn't get a date to save his life. But Salmon worshipped Woldt, and Woldt sensed in his willing friend someone who would join him in his deadly obsession. For months, the two attempted their plan, "bumping" a jogger in the park, stalking women in nightclub parking lots, and even targeting a young girl and a grandmother. Each "near miss" only excited them more, stirring their sexual bloodlust...until they took their twisted pleasure with Jacine Gielinski in a crime so horrific it brought a life sentence for Salmon, and the death penalty Woldt. Now in this chilling book, the gruesome facts of an unthinkable crime are revealed - from the sinister minds of two monstrous killers to one mother's relentless fight to see justice done - a triumph of good over the ultimate evil. Illus. with 16pp. of photos. 351pp. mass market p/back. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. V. lightly browned pp. o/w Nr. F. with no creasing to covers.


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