TEARS OF BLOOD Killers Murder More Than Their Victims

Author: Sheridan (Michael)
Year: 2004
Publisher: Mentor Books (Dublin)
Edition Details: 1st Irish Edn.
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 9781842102817
Price: 5.00
Softcover. Murder and unlawful killing are now so common in Ireland that they no longer command headline attention. A daily perusal of the papers will provide dreadful details of killings. These details, the cases and the trials are publicly aired and then the media move on to the next story. But as the author discovers, the effects of murder and killing are far-reaching for the families and relatives of the victims. Through interviews with the families left behind and by researching inquest files and postmortem reports, the author reconstructs the crimes and exposes the horrific acts of merciless killers such as Noel Hogan, the Ian Huntley of Ireland; Peter Whelan; Anthony Kiely and Thomas Murray. Killers and murderers constantly lie about the crime; the facts do not. Chronicling the devastating effects on the families of the victims, who include Lorraine O'Connor, Nichola Sweeney, Bernadette Connolly and Nancy Nolan, the book provides a unique and heart-rending insight into the aftermath of murder. Illus. in colour. 229pp. trade size softcover. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. F. with no creasing to covers.


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