Author: Apsche (Jack A.)
Year: 1993
Publisher: International Information Associates
Edition Details: 1st US Edn.
Book Condition: NrF
ISBN: 0945510128
Price: 75.00
Softcover. With Foreword by A. Charles Peruto, Jr. The purpose of this book was to present a view into the mind of the serial killer, by closely examining one serial killer in particular, Gary M. Heidnik of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The author simultaneously examines the insanity plea within the 'current' legal system. The most important objective of this book was to present new and emerging criteria for insanity; criteria that were not covered under the 'diagnostic and statistical Manual 111-R' of the American Psychiatric Association. This new diagnostic criteria should be simply called 'Serial Murderer'. In support of that diagnostic category the book presents information obtained in the form of data gathered from research and numerous articles in the field. More importantly, specific experimental data supplied by thousands of hours of primary research and interviews with the subject, Gary M. Heidnik. It can be demonstrated, through the sound evidence obtained in the Heidnik research, that the insanity plea as applied 'today', does not apply to the ritualistic or serial killer. In addition, these data will allow valuable insight into the psychological profile of the serial killer. This book is the result of years of pre-and post- trial research and discovery. Contents include : Some Historical & Legal Considerations; The Diagnostic Category of Serial Killer; Characteristics of a Serial Killer; Fantasy: the Beginning; The Beginnings in Heidnik's Words; Kidnapping & Rape: A Warning; The Fantasy is the Motive; Victim Selection; The Manipulator; Suicide and Control; Intimacy, Bonding and Control; A Functional Analysis of the Behavior. With Epilogue, Appendices, Bibliog. and Index. 232pp. trade size softcover. V. lightly browned edges, but no creasing to covers. Nr. F.


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