JACK THE RIPPER AT LAST? The Mysterious Murders of George Chapman

Author: Wojtczak (Helena)
Year: 2014
Publisher: The Hastings Press
Signed by the author
Edition Details: 1st p/b Edn.
Book Condition: New
ISBN: 9781904109228
Price: 15.00
Softcover. SIGNED. "You've got Jack the Ripper at last!" was the phrase with which former Chief Inspector Abberline supposedly congratulated Inspector Godley when George Chapman was arrested in 1902. Fourteen years previously the two detectives had hunted the perpetrator of the Whitechapel Murders, but had failed to catch him. Abberline claimed that, for 'a score of reasons', he suspected Chapman. George Chapman was the assumed name of Seweryn Klosowski, a Pole whom criminologist George R. Sims once called 'One of the most undesirable aliens that ever invaded our hospitable shores.' Between 1897 and 1902 Chapman killed three successive girlfriends, one of them a mere teenager, using the drawn-out and agonising method of slow and stealthy poisoning. The murders were all the more shocking for being apparently - motiveless. His arrest and trial attracted enormous publicity and made headline news both at home and abroad; the nation rejoiced when he was sent to the gallows. But did Chapman take a terrible secret with him to the grave? Was he also responsible for the gruesome slayings perpetrated by Jack the Ripper? With Epilogue, Profusely Illus., Author's Note, Appendices, Select Bibliog. and Index. 272pp. trade size softcover. FLATSIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. New. Recommended - see Dave Green's review in 'Ripperologist' magazine "A work of unarguably superior merit and significance."

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