WHY THEY KILLED The Secret Motivations of America's Most Notorious Killers

Author: Blashfield (Jean F.)
Year: 1990
Publisher: Popular Library
Edition Details: 1st US edn.
Book Condition: NrF
ISBN: 0445210966
Price: 3.00
Paperback. Their lawyers said that they were innocent by reason of insanity. Their psychiatrists said they had bad childhoods. Find out what really made America's worst murderers kill. Ronald DeFeo confessed that he had calmly murdered his parents and 4 young brothers and sisters. What drove him to it? This shocking, fascinating work pinpoints the causes and reveals the incredible inner workings of some of the most notorious slayers of all time, including : Richard Speck: He had a history of head injuries. After he murdered 8 women in Chicago he couldn't remember a thing about it. Charles Whitman: Before the former Marine and Eagle Scout shot 12 people from a tower in Texas, he stabbed his wife and mother to death. Later it was discovered he had a tumour in his brain. Jack Graham: He killed 44 people for one very clear reason: to get revenge on his mother. Dan White: Was it personal pressure, an identity conflict, or too much junk food that made him kill the Mayor of San Francisco in cold blood? Jeannace Freeman: Her childhood of abuse and rape forced her to dominate everyone she met - and to kill 2 children because "they were in the way." 310pp. mass market p/back. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. V. lightly browned pp. o/w Nr. F. with no creasing to covers.


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