Author: Papa (Juliet)
Year: 1995
Publisher: SMP
Edition Details: 1st US p/b edn.
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 0312954670
Price: 4.00
Paperback. He hooked them with his dark good looks and irrestible charm. Handsome, wordly, but penniless, Ricardo Caputo attached himself to young, beautiful, accomplished women who fell hard for the karate expert, artist and sexy Latin hunk who could make love in five languages. They trusted him and gave him everything...until he consumed their lives. But behind the mask lurked a deadly predator. Once he had them in his seductive grip, he became a cruel and vicious monster. None escaped his murderous rage: not his wealthy young girlfriend, not the vivacious filmmaker, not the innocent young college student. He even turned on the psychologist who believed she could save him with her love and understanding. All of them would end up in bodybags - brutally stabbed, strangled and bludgeoned. For 20yrs he roamed freely, too cunning for the authorities - a bigamist with two families, 17 aliases and daring escapes from a mental ward and a Texas lockup. But haunted by the horror of his slaughter, the Ladykiller finally turned himself in, just as he felt himself about to strike again. Illus. 250pp. mass market p/back. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. F. with no creasing to covers.


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