THE ROMANCE OF THE FORUM, Or, Narratives, Scenes, and Anecdotes from Courts of Justice Four Volumes

Author: Burke (Peter)
Year: 1852
Publisher: Colburn & Co.
First Edition
Edition Details: 1852 1st edn. & 1854 1st edn.
Book Condition: Vg.
Price: 400.00
Hardback. Two Sets of Two volumes; First Series, 1852; Second Series 1854. Contents of Series One, Vol. I include : Dun, the robber, and the town of Dunstable; A murder at the time of the Crusades; Monarchs who have slain their own children by process of law; The death of Dangerfield, slain on his way from punishment; The crime committed by John Woodburne, and Arundel Coke Esq. and the extraordinary defence of the latter at his trial; An innocent man convicted and executed; Two singular cases of isolated treason; The manslaughter committed by Charles Macklin, the actor and dramatist; The physician by day, and robber by night; Miss Boydell and Dr. Elliot etc. Contents of Vol. II include : The Keswick imposter; The questionable conviction of Eliza Fenning; Supernatural appearances, ghosts, and visions connected with crime; A murder discovered by touching the dead body; The Hammersmith ghost; The murder in the Red Barn discovered by a dream; Curious cases of child stealing; A murder in Nuremberg, and the mode adopted there for its discovery; A murder at Greenwich similar to that in Nuremberg, and the English mode of discovering the crime; etc. Series Two Vol. I contents include : The Attorney General of the reign of Terror; The Rescue from Execution of two Innocent Men; Eccentric Occurrences in the Law; The Trial of Lesurques and others for the Robbery and Murder of the Courier of Lyons; The Murder near Elstree; The Trial of Professor Webster, etc. Series Two Vol. II contents include : Archbishop Abbott's Shooting, and the right of the Clergy to engage in field sports; Men and their Wives suffering together the extreme penalty of the law; Trial and Execution in England for killing another in a duel abroad; Murders in Inns of Court; Causes and Judgements in European Courts, establishing the illegality of Slavery; The Lover turned Highwayman, and hanged for his first robbery etc. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate in each volume. Half leather with marbed boards, corded sp. with black title labels/gilt lettering. General shelfwear, overall Vg. Extremely rare both series - 4 volumes. I'm only able to show 3 of the 4 images on my website, but the 2nd volume of the second series is in the same condition as the others. Four volumes weigh almost 2kg. so will require additional postage.

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