WHO WAS JACK THE RIPPER? A Collection of Present-Day Theories and Observations.

Author: Wolff (Camille) compiled by:
Year: 1995
Publisher: Grey House Books.
Edition Details: Ltd edn. reprint
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 0951060430
Price: 50.00
Hardback. Limited Edn. Reprint. The book contains the views and theories of most of the leading Jack the Ripper experts and enthusiasts, as well as a consultant forensic psychiatrist, a Professor of Social Research, a researcher on serial sex-killers, an American author and historic-document consultant, an ex-curator of Scotland Yard's Black Museum (now Crime Museum) etc. Each theory is preceded by a b/w photograph of the contributor; each piece has been limited to between 600-700 words. Jeremy Beadle wrote the Foreword. Contributors include : Paul Begg, Albert Borowitz, Stewart Evans, Melvyn Fairclough, Daniel Farson, Paul Feldman, Martin Fido, Jonathan Goodman, Wilfred Gregg, Melvin Harris, Paul Harrison, Shirley Harrison, Donald McCormick, Robin Odell, Bruce Paley, Donald Rumbelow, Iain Sinclair, Philip Sugden, Jim Tully, Peter Underwood, Bill Waddell, Nick Warren, Molly & Richard Whittington-Egan, John Wilding, Roger Wilkes, Colin Wilson, A.P. Wolf, Stephen Wright + many more. Illus. + Suggested Reading. 113pp. small 8vo. h/back. This edition was limited to 1000 copies. A collector's item in the 'Jack the Ripper' genre. SIGNED BY LORETTA LAY (who actually compiled it). F. no dw.

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