HANGED FOR THREE PENNIES. The Story of Capital Punishment in Derbyshire.

Author: Garner (Edward)
Year: 2000
Publisher: The Breedon Books (Derbyshire).
First Edition
Edition Details: 1st edn.
Book Condition: Nr.F/NrF
ISBN: 9781859831915
Price: 12.00
Hardback. The first time that the full story of the death penalty in Derbyshire has been attempted, from its recorded beginnings in the 14th-century to 1907, when the last execution took place. Incredible though it may seem, there was a period in history when the hanging rate on the Derbyshire gallows was higher than that at the infamous Tyburn Tree and Newgate Prison. That was during the period of the Bloody Code, when more than 200 capital offences were on the statute book. Apart from being a study of Derbyshire's contribution to the annals of capital punishment, the author also takes a look at the national background, including the notorious Bloody Code, so that a more complete picture emerges of a judicial punishment now banished. Illus., Appendices, and Bibliog. 199pp. 4to. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. Nr. F. in nr. f. dw. which has 'scratch' mk. to lower cover.

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