THE HARLOT KILLER JACK THE RIPPER. The Story of Jack the Ripper In Fact and Fiction.

Author: Barnard (Allan) Ed. by:
Year: 1953
Publisher: Dell.
First Edition
Edition Details: 1st US p/b edn.
Book Condition: NrF
Price: 20.00
Paperback, 1st US p/b edn. From the files of contemporary London newspapers and the later writings of crime specialists, the author selected the most notable first-hand evidence and considered opinion of this 'greatest' of murder mysteries. In his Intro', Barnard describes something of the motivation for all murder, and especially anger between the sexes. 13ss. whose contributors include : Alan Hynd, Donald Henderson, William Sansom, Anthony Boucher, Richard Barker, Kay Rogers, Thomas Burke, Thedora Benson, Mrs. Marie Belloc Lowndes, Edwin M. Borchard, Edmund Pearson, Robert Bloch. Of the 13ss contained in this anthology, 9 are fictional. Cover illus. by Bill George. Has the usual browned pp., but covers are Nr. F. with no creases


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