SICKERT AND THE RIPPER CRIMES The 1888 Ripper Murders and the artist Walter Richard Sickert

Author: Fuller (Jean Overton)
Year: 2003
Publisher: Mandrake.
Edition Details: New Revised Edn. (1st pub. 1990 & 2001)
Book Condition: NrVg
ISBN: 9781869928681
Price: 10.00
Softcover. Revised Edn. (1st pub. 1990 & 2001). A new chapter for Jean Overton Fuller's ground breaking study of murder. The original investigation into the 1888 Ripper Murders and the artist Walter Richard Sickert. Jean Overton Fuller(who was 88 in this year of publication) and the last surviving link with the murders. Her story begins in the 1920s when the artist Walter Richard Sickert (one of Britain's finest) confessed something truly spine chilling to his artist/colleague Florence Pash. Unbeknown to Sickert, Florence was also the confident of Jean Overton Fuller's mother. In the autumn of 1888 London women lived under the shadow of the Ripper murders - killings perhaps unmatched in their sadistic brutality. This book derives from the unsuspected testimony of the woman who had particular reason to fear for her life. Sickert told Florence that he was painting into his pictures, clues to the murders as he wished people to know the truth after his death. But it was not to be until 1990 that Jean was able to again pick up the thread. In the meantime she had built a formidable reputation as Britain's leading expert on war time espionage. Using these skills and her artist's eye, she read the riddle. Now 10yrs. after original publication, she returns to tell the fascinating story of what happened next, including reviews of material by Joseph Sickert (WR's illegitimate grandson) and Patricia Cornwell. Illus., Bibliog. and Index + Supplement: Developments since first publication. 284pp. trade size softcover. With some creasing to fr. cover o/w Nr. Vg.


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