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THE DENHAM MASSACRE Nineteenth-Century Britain's Most Shocking House of Horror Murders  by NEIL WATSON - A Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Hardback. All details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £20.00 + postage at the local rate.

TRIAL OF LOUISE MASSET EDITED BY KATE CLARKE - SIGNED, NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION. Details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

THE ANNOTATED I CAUGHT CRIPPEN by NICHOLAS CONNELL - A Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Hardback. All details in the online catalogue. Price : £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

KRAYOLOGY by JOHN BENNETT - the long awaited 1st paperback edition for those of you who missed out on the hardback. With a tipped-in label SIGNED BY JOHN. All details in the online catalogue. Price : £15.00 + postage at the local rate.

JACK AND OLD JEWRY by AMANDA HARVEY PURSE - a trade size softover featuring the City of London Police Force (and its officers) and its investigation into the murder of Jack the Ripper victim, Catherine Eddowes. With a tipped-in label SIGNED BY AMANDA. All details in the online catalogue. Price : £10.00 + postage at the local rate.

TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI EDITED BY M.W. OLDRIDGE. SIGNED. Details can be found under 'Featured Books' below and in the online catalogue. Price £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

STOP PRESS! Available in September - Official Notable British Trials Series to be revived. New Titles coming to cherished 54-year series. Mango Books have announced that the world-renowned book series NOTABLE BRITISH TRIALS, published from 1905 to 1959 by William Hodge, is to be revised with new cases added to the existing catalogue of 83 titles. After a gap of 58 years, Mango Books has been granted exclusive permission by William Hodge Holdings to use the official series imprint, and three new titles are currently in preparation. These will become numbers 84, 85 and 86 in the NBT series, with the first scheduled for publication in September 2017. This will be the TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI, edited by M.W. Oldridge. Lipski was a Jewish immigrant to London's Victorian East End who seemingly poisoned the pregnant wife of a fellow resident at his Batty Street lodgings and then attempted suicide by draining the remaining drops of acid from the bottle. When the locked door to her room was broken open, Miriam Angel was found dead, with Israel Lipski lying unconscious under her bed.

Further volumes are being planned, including the cases of LOUISE MASSET, the first person executed in the 20th century, who murdered her three-year-old son and left his body at Dalston Junction railway station, and PERCY LEFROY MAPLETON, the infamous railway murderer of Mr Frederick Isaac Gold on the Brighton line in 1881,

Visit for further information. 

Many copies of the original series are available for sale on the LayBooks website.

AVAILABLE NOW - THE WHITECHAPEL ALBUM Jack the Ripper's East End in 1995. Numbered Limited Edition. Compiled by Loretta Lay and Adam Wood  PRICE : £25.00 + postage at the local rate.

This 50-page hardback book, with Index, features a nostaligic look back at 'Jack's' East End as it was captured, in colour, in 1995 by enthusiastic photographer and Ripperologist, Ray Luff. Having recently acquired Ray's catalogue of over 430 photographs and with Adam Wood's expertise and in-depth knowledge of the East End, we are publishing the results with 87 carefully selected photographs to represent the area as it was 21 years ago, along with six rare black/white photographs taken in the mid-1960s.

The book's publication coincides with The Whitechapel Society's 21st anniversary (in 1995 it was known as The Cloak and Dagger Club) and is limited to 100 numbered copies - so don't delay in obtaining your copy.

Please contact me at : to order your copy.

 'MAKE ME AN OFFER'. If I have a higher priced title on the website which, in the current climate, is a little out of reach financially for you, please feel free to make contact via the link and, literally, make me an offer. I will consider all/any offers made and get back to you with a yes or no, or possibly negotiate. I will be listing the titles that are available over the next week or so, and will include any 'newly added' titles which fall into this category as I catalogue them.

Welcome to Loretta Lay Books website, which you will see caters for those interested in not just antiquarian and out-of-print true crime books, but also some of those elusive Jack the Ripper titles.

Payments can be made via PayPal, as well as by cheque (as long as it is in sterling on a British bank), or directly into my bank account (details will be provided upon request). Unfortunately I will no longer be processing credit cards myself - so apologies to those customers this is likely to affect, but it is very simple to sign-up with PayPal. I would actually recommend that you open an account with Loretta Lay Books via the website, for ease of transaction. All information provided is secure, and doesn't involve any credit card information.

The messageboard is available for those of you who need help with research, or want to promote a true crime book you have written, or for general messages including opinions on any true crime or associated subjects. Reviews of titles you have bought (not just from my site) are most welcome. They don't have to be new books, but anything you consider to be required reading. Having said that, I do prefer positives rather than negatives!

The site can only work successfully with your input - put into your 'Favourites' and if you like it, recommend it to your friends.

I hope you find the book you are looking for, but if it's not there, contact me and I'll try to find it for you.

Your comments would be appreciated, so that I can assess what works, and perhaps what doesn't.

Thank you for visiting my website, come back again soon.

Loretta Lay

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