KENNEDY AND LINCOLN Medical and Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations

Author: Lattimer (Dr. John K.)
Year: 1980
Publisher: HBJ
Edition Details: 1st US Edn.
Book Condition: Vg.
ISBN: 0151522812
Price: 20.00
Hardback. A comprehensive study on the Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy assassinations, with comparisons on the similarities and coincidences in the lives of both Presidents. The author covers Lincoln first with chapter headings that include : Why Lincoln Was Shot; Lee Surrenders-Booth Decides to Kill; The Struggle for Life; Booth's Escape and Death; The Stabbing of Secretary of State Seward; The Fate of the Conspirators. Kennedy chapter headings include : President Kennedy's Assassin; The Assassination of President Kennedy; The Scene at Parkland Hospital The Scene of the Crime; the Zapruder Movie; The Autopsy Raises Questions; the Warren Commission Report; The Withheld Autopsy Material; The Head Wound, the Adrenal Glands, the Back Problem-New Questions, New Answers, Some Surprises; The Kennedy-Connally Bullet (Warren Commission Exhibit 399)-Could One Bullet Have Wounded Both Men?; Did Oswald Really Do It?; The Assassin: Capture and Death; Did Oswald Act Alone; The Killer's Killer: Jack Ruby. Profusely Illus. with photographs from medical examinations and ballistic studies, + Facsimiles from journals. Select Bibliog. and Index. 378pp. 4to. h/back. With tiny indentation to top edge of fr. cover, lower corner of fr. cover bumped, v.v. sl. fading to sp. and along bottom edge of front cover (see image) o/w Vg. A heavy book which will require additional postage, particularly if shipped overseas.


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