JACK THE RIPPER A New Theory A Sensational and Convincing Solution of a Famous Mystery

Author: Stewart (William)
Year: 1939
Publisher: Quality Press
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: Vg+
Price: 1,250.00
Hardback, 1st edition. To quote from Ross Strachan's excellent reference work 'The Jack The Ripper Handbook. A Reader's Companion', he says : 'A hardback book which looks at the murders in twenty six chapters and also boasts fourteen illustrations including portraits of the victims painted by the author from contemporary sketches. Stewart also made models of some of the murder sites from original plans and sketches. This is without doubt the most sought after Ripper book which is now very scarce. Copies rarely turn up for sale and, when they do, can command a high asking price due to the fact that the book is thought to have had a small print run.' Quoting now from the dw 'blurb' : 'Who was Jack the Ripper? This is a problem which fascinated the older generation and is still fascinating, for it has never yet been solved. As the author of this book shows, none of the theories hitherto advanced as to the identity of this remarkable criminal square with all of the known facts. The author retells the story and shows how these theories break down. But he does much more than this. He advances an explanation which so far as we are aware has never before been presented. It is a sensational explanation and, in our view, singularly convincing. But the reader must form his own judgement and in doing so, whether he agrees with the author's conclusion or not, he will find himself absorbed by a history which can hold its own with any mystery which detective fiction has given us.' And taken from the rear panel of the dw. 'This book is a serious attempt to throw a revealing light on the mystery of a number of seemingly senseless and atrocious murders in Whitechapel and district some fifty years ago. No clues were found and the apparent absence of motive made the work of the police all the more difficult. This baffling mystery will remain a fascinating study to the crime student for all time, and Mr. Stewart's book is a really helpful contribution. He advances an explanation which has never before been presented, and his solution is sensational and singularly convincing.' Illus. with photographs, impressions and street plan. 223pp. 8vo. h/back. Black cloth with red lettering to sp. With tiny 'Wildy' label to fpd, v.v. lightly browned edges, minimal foxing o/w Vg+. Includes a PHOTOCOPIED dw. (lacks back 'blurb'). An exceptionally scarce Jack the Ripper title and regarded as one of the hardest to find. Postage will include insurance, so please make separate contact for an accurate postage charge for this book prior to your order being processed.

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