ROTHSCHILD BUILDINGS: Life in the East End from 1987-1920.

Author: White (Jerry)
Year: 2003
Publisher: Pimlico
Edition Details: 1st p/b Edn.
Book Condition: Vg+
ISBN: 9780712601467
Price: 12.00
Softcover. (1st pub. h/b 1980) Rothschild Buildings were typical of the 'model dwellings for the working classes' which were such an important part of the response to late-Victorian London's housing problem. They were built for poor but respectable Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, and the community which put down roots there was to be characteristic of the East End Jewish working class in its formative years. By talking to people who grew up in the Buildings in the 1890s and after, and using untapped documentary evidence from a wide range of public and private sources, the author re-creates the richly detailed life of that community and its relations with the economy and culture around it. The book shows how cramped and austere housing was made into homes, how the mechanism of class domination, of which the Buildings were part, was both accepted and fought against; how a close community was riven with constantly shifting tensions, and how that community co-existed in surprising ways with the East End casual poor of 'outcast London'. It provides unique and fascinating insights into immigrant and working-class life at the turn of the century. Includes Jack the Ripper and the Flower and Dean Street neighbourhood. Illus., Notes, Appendices and Index. 301pp. trade size softcover. With a faint vertical crease to fr. cover o/w Vg+


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