THE TROUBLE WITH COPS The Truth about the Police in American Cities

Author: Deutsch (Albert)
Year: 1955
Publisher: Arco
Edition Details: 1st edn.
Book Condition: NrF/G++
Price: 5.00
Hardback. Intro' by Fabian of the Yard. A book revealing the truth about the police in big and small American towns with a wealth of up-to-the-minute case histories. It exposes the corrupting influences of underworld, upperworld and politics. It tells of honest cops who were demoted, disgraced or fired for trying to uphold the law impartially; and of the others, the corrupt, venal and often vicious cops, it shows how and why they went crooked. In his search for the truth, the author, a famous American crusading journalist, interviewed police chiefs and top ranking city officials from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as well as cops on the beat, civic leaders, brothel-keepers, sex offenders, juvenile delinquents, FBI agents and police experts. Throughout the book, wherever he describes defects and problems, he has suggested remedies and solutions, based upon the best professional thinking available. With Index. 243pp. 8vo. h/back. Nr. F. in repaired and creased (back cover). G++ dw.

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