MURDER CASEBOOK Investigations into the Ultimate Crime Parts 120 - 134

Author: Various
Year: 1992
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Edition Details: 1st Edn.
Book Condition: F/F
Price: 30.00
Softcover. Magazine format - a weekly publication. 15 copies bound in their own black binder. Contents : No. 120 Murder and Mutilation (Jeffrey Dahmer); No. 121 Killer in the Shadows (Marcel Barbeault); No. 122 Deadly Doctors (Carl Coppolino and Geza de Kaplan); No. 123 Children Who Killed (Mary Bell and Steven Truscott); No. 125 Robbery with Murder (Devilish Trio and the De Antiquis Murder); No. 126 Massacre (William Calley and Michael Ryan); No. 127 Crooks Turned Killers (Charlie Peace, The Stratton Brothers and Steinie Morrison); No. 128 Travellers in Death (Earle Nelson and Heinrich Pommerencke); No. 129 Unsolved Murders (George Storrs and Caroline Luard); No. 130 The Freeway Killer (Randy Kraft); No. 131 Explosive Murders (Backhouse and Hofmann); No. 132 The Teflon Don (John Gotti); No. 133 Spanish Desperados (The Garcia-Romero Brothers & Fernando Olmos); No. 134 Parent Killers (Elizabeth Haysom & Jens Soering and Wyley Gates). Profusely Illus. F. in F. Binder. Heavy weighing over 2kg so will require additional postage.

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