SOMEONE CRY FOR THE CHILDREN The Unsolved Girl Scout Murders of Oklahoma and the Case of Gene Leroy Hart

Author: Wilkerson (Michael) & Wilkerson (Dick)
Year: 1981
Publisher: The Dial Press (New York)
Edition Details: US Edn.
Book Condition: Vg+/NrVg
Price: 85.00
Hardback. In 1977, even after 200 murder cases, it was the worst thing Mike Wilkerson had ever seen. Three little girls on the first night of their scout camping trip had been brutally murdered, their bodies left in the path some yards from their tent, two of them still in their sleeping bags. Both authors were members of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and began the manhunt that was to become the longest and most costly in the state's history - and the most controversial. It took them through the rugged mountains and woods of northeastern Oklahoma and into the secret world of Cherokee mysticism. It took them into the forensic labs, the morgue, the state prisons and the vast files and records of law enforcement. They had a suspect from the start - an enigmatic fugitive named Gene Leroy Hart, who, as the investigation progressed, became something of a folk hero. A full-blooded Indian and onetime local football star, he had run foul of the law and been imprisoned. At the time of the murders, Hart was an escaped convict hiding in the area. Despite the mounting evidence against him, he appeared to have the support of other Cherokees, and now caught the imagination of the media and the public as the lone red man evading the forces of a hostile white society. Hart was eventually apprehended and the stage was set for one of the country's most controversial criminal trials. Some hailed the outcome and others condemned it as a glaring example of the basic flaws in the nation's judicial system. This is the story of a heinous crime that deeply affected the authors. An intimate account of a criminal investigation and prosecution which is both harrowing and shocking. 249pp. 8vo. h/back. Vg+ in Nr. Vg. in frayed and sl. chipped pcdw. Scarce.


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