Author: Whittington-Egan (Richard)
Year: 2018
Publisher: Amberley
Signed by the author
Edition Details: 1st p/b edn.
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 9781445686547
Price: 20.00
Paperback. SIGNED. The case of Jack the Ripper and his savage serial killing and horrendous mutilation of five women in the East End of Victorian London is the greatest of all unsolved murder mysteries. For over 100 years the long line of candidates for the bloodstained laurels of Jack the Ripper has been paraded before us. Policemen and Ripperologists have tried in vain to put a name to the faceless silent killer. The author, one of the founding fathers of the search, published, in 1975, his 'Casebook on Jack the Ripper', in which he documented the history, the crimes, the investigations and the investigators. He also included some fundamentally new discoveries and points, such as the real story of the kidney in Mr Lusk's renal post-bag, wrongly said to be that of Catherine Eddowes (Ripper Victim No. 4). The endless nightmare of Jack the Ripper has rolled on, unstoppable, and now Richard, in a completely revised and very considerably enlarged edition of the 1975 'Casebook', has taken a new look, from a longer perspective, at the theories and the personages who advanced them, from the time of the murders right up to the present day. Contents include : Prologue; Part 1 The Seeding of the Killing Field: The Murders of 1888; Part 2 The Terrible Harvester: The Proposed Identities of Jack the Ripper; Part 3 Points of View: The Historical Backdrop Interpreted; Part 4 The First Century: The Centenary of the Whitechapel Murders; Part 5 The Great Hoax: The Diary of Jack the Ripper; Part 6 Dreads and Drolls: A Meaningful Miscellany. Illus., Appendices (Stephen Knight: A Memorial; Ripperature: The Literature about Jack the Ripper), Notes, Bibliog. and Index. 512pp. p/back. With tipped-in label SIGNED BY RICHARD WHITTTINGTON-EGAN. F. with no creasing to covers. Highly recommended.

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