THE GREAT BETRAYAL Assassination of Indira Gandhi

Author: Bobb (Dilip) & Raina (Asoka)
Year: 1985
Publisher: Vikas Publishing House PVT Ltd
Edition Details: 1st Indian Edn.
Book Condition: Vg+/Vg.
ISBN: 0706927451
Price: 25.00
Hardback. It was an event that shook India and shocked the world. On the morning of October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of the world's largest and most populous democracy was brutally assassinated by her own security guards as she was walking the short distance from her residence to her office. What were the exact contours of the conspiracy that plunged India into an era of uncertainty? Did the two assassins act alone or were others involved? What was the extent of the involvement of outside forces, the ubiquitious 'foreign hand'? Why did such gaping holes exist in her security that made the task of the killers so simple? And, most important of all, how viable was the extremeist concept of Khalistan, a separate Sikh state, in the wake of the assassination and the anti-Sikh riots that followed? How serious was the threat to her only surviving son, Rajiv Gandhi? These crucial questions acquired an immediate relevance to the future of India and its democratic traditions. In this, the first book to appear on the assassination and the conspiracy that spawned it, the authors attempt to answer the questions and raise others that were equally vital. Illus. + Appendices. 88pp. small 8vo. h/back. From the library of true crime writer, Wilfred Gregg, with his personal b/plate. Vg+ in Vg. dw. which has clased tear to back cover.


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