Author: Howgrave-Graham (H.M.)
Year: 1947
Publisher: HMSO
Edition Details: 1st edn.
Book Condition: Vg+
Price: 60.00
Softcover. Foreword by Sir Harold Scott. This is a record of the work of the Metropolitan Police during the years 1939-45. Londoners have long taken their police for granted, but during these years they came to know them as never before. Lending a hand at every sort of job, encouraging, helping and rescuing the citizen under the grimmest conditions, the Metropolitan policeman won for himself a place in the hearts of Londoners. Except for the lists of casualties and honours the record is anonymous. It was thought worth while to put on record in brief outline, 'for future generations of Londoners and London policemen, the glorious story of the part played by the Metropolitan Police in the defence of London.' Chapter headings include : The Seven Phases; Preparing; Orders and Instructions; Man Power; Air Raid Warning; Communications; Transport; Waiting; Evacuation; The Black-Out; Other New Tasks; The Blitz, 1940-41; These Things They Did; Shelters; Bomb Reconnaissance: Evacuation; False Alarms; Down Or Out; That Bomb Story; Nice Driving; A Grim Task; Chaos; Reports and Casualties; Royal Visits; July, 1941-June, 1944; V.1's (Fly Bombs); V.2's (Rockets); Strange Stories; Casualties To Police Buildings; Scotland Yard; The Criminal Investigation Department; The Special Branch; Thames Division; The Mounted Branch; Women Police; Women's Auxiliary Police Corps; Medical Service; The Part-Time Specials; Civil Staff; The Receiver's Office; Not In London Only; The Metropolitan Police War Damage Relief Fund; Off-Duty; Roll of Honour; Our Thanks Are Due; Police Officers Killed In Air Raids; Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives While Serving With the Armed Forces; Honours List; Civil Staff: Members Who Lost Their Lives; Honours List. Illus. 89pp. 8vo. softcover. Vg+. Rare.


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