THE ASSASSINATIONS Dallas And Beyond - A Guide to Cover-ups and Investigations

Author: Scott/Hoch/Stetler Ed. by:
Year: 1978
Publisher: Pelican/Penguin
Edition Details: Revised & Abridged (1st pub. 1976)
Book Condition: G++
ISBN: 0140220747
Price: 3.00
Paperback. Since the murder of President Kennedy in 1963, the American public and the world at large have been inundated with investigations, reports and theories, notably the 1964 Warren Commission Report which, at enormous length, argued the 'lone demented assassin' theory. This book brought together for the first time the range of serious criticism of this report, together with criticism of subsequent official versions of the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King murders. This book is a carefully selected anthology of the best writing on the subject; but it also reads like a thriller as the implications of unanswered questions build up in the reader's mind: Who removed President Kennedy's brain from National Archives? Why was no mention ever made of Oswald's links with the FBI? What was the connection between Dallas and Watergate...? With Bibliog. and Index. 477pp. p/back. With previous owner's name insc., lightly browned pp., general shelfwear with lightly marked covers. G++


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