BROTHERLY LOVE Or The Cudham Quartet being the story of two brothers and two sisters, the Penge Murder Mystery of 1877 and the trial and subsequent history of Patrick, Louis and Elizabeth Staunton and Alice Rhodes

Author: Cox (Dorothy)
Year: 2004
Publisher: Baron Buckingham
First Edition
Edition Details: 2nd Impression (1st pub. 1989)
Book Condition: NrF
ISBN: 0860232431
Price: 25.00
Softcover. 2nd impression. SIGNED. It was Autumn 1877. The nation was scandalised by the Penge Mystery. When it became the Staunton Trial, the media had a field day with one of the most sensational cases the Old Bailey had ever seen. Daily they reported the gruesome details - the sufferings of a poor, helpless woman and her tiny baby, locked away and starved to death. When Hanging Judge Hawkins pronounced sentence of death, cheers rang out from the assembled multitude; the press congratulated the jury; everyone approved, and executioner Marwood prepared the gallows. Then the tide turned as experts objected, doctors disagreed, and the Home Secretary granted a reprieve. Louis and Patrick Staunton served life sentences. But were they guilty? Did Harriet die of starvation, deliberately engineered by her husband and his loving brother? Or did she simply fade away from neglect and lack of love? The evidence was unclear, witnesses were not called, others were dismissed, the judge was clearly biased, and at least one policeman threatened one witness, whose perjury sealed the foursome's fate. The author brings the Cudham Quartet back to life, and with them the times in which they lived, the hyprocrisy of a society which frowned on sex, yet encouraged judicial prejudice, hounded the innocent yet ignored its advisers, judged on the shadow and suppressed the substance. Includes original photographs and contemporary sketches of all those involved and the places (then and now) where the drama unfolded. Illus. + Epilogue, 138pp. trade size softcover. PRESENTATION COPY INSCRIBED AND SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR plus a loosely inserted HANDWRITTEN LETTER BY THE AUTHOR concerning Clara Brown's Birth and Death Certificates. V.v. lightly sunned edges and covers o/w Nr. F. with no creasing. Extremely Scarce.

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