THE REGISTER OF DEATH A History of Executions at Walton Prison, Liverpool.

Author: Smith (John)
Year: 2007
Publisher: Countyvise
First Edition
Edition Details: 1st edn.
Book Condition: F.
ISBN: 9781901231922
Price: 15.00
Paperback. 1st edn. Liverpool Prison, known far and wide as Walton Jail was built in 1850, and wass designed to house up to 1000 prisoners. Both men and women occupied the prison until 1933, when the female prisoners were moved to other prisons. The prison continues to house male prisoners, and is the largest prison in Europe with just under 1400 inmates at any given time. Walton Jail took in prisoners from throughout Lancashire. It was into this scenario that some of the most notorious criminals were brought after being convicted of some of the most heinous crimes. Many of those convicted of murder would pay the ultimate penalty, and would be sentenced to death by hanging. The first execution at Walton Jail took place in 1887, and involved a Nurse from Oldham who was convicted of murdering her daughter for 10 insurance money. She was executed by a man whom she had danced with some years before! This is just one of the stories in a must be read account of executions at Walton Jail. It didn't matter how the murder occurred, whether it be shooting, stabbing, poisoning, mutiny on the high seas; all ended standing on the gallows at Walton Jail waiting to take the final step to death. The author has researched 20 cases of the macabre, all of which were committed in the North West of England. Follow the stories of the crimes from the actual murder through to the last moments of the accused person standing on the execution platform. Illus. + List of the Executed at Walton Prison 1887 - 1964. 139pp. p/back. F.


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