LUNDY The Destruction of Scotland Yard's Finest Detective.

Author: Short (Martin)
Year: 1992
Publisher: Grafton
Edition Details: 1st p/b edn.
Book Condition: Vg.
ISBN: 9780586209646
Price: 7.00
Paperback. In 1988 Det. Supt. Tony Lundy, Britain's most controversial detective and spectacular exponent of the 'supergrass' system, was forced into retirement aged only 46. No operational policeman in living memory had excited such widely differing emotions among his peers and in the press. Was he bent or was he brilliant? If he was not corrupt, why did such powerful forces line up against him? In this lethal expose the author reveals the truth about Scotland Yard's most formidable detective, whose relationship with Roy Garner (sentenced to 22yrs. for allegedly taking part in the biggest cocaine-smuggling ring ever busted in the UK) became the subject of so much hostile speculation, that it eventually led to his downfall. Illus., Notes and Index. 510pp. mass market p/back. Lightly browned pp., sl. 'curl' to fr. cover o/w Vg.


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