ON THE TRAIL OF A DEAD MAN: The Identity of Jack the Ripper

Author: Miles (Chris)
Year: 2003
Publisher: Milestone Press.
First Edition
Signed by the author
Edition Details: 1st edn
Book Condition: Vg.
ISBN: 9780954648503
Price: 25.00
Softcover. For over 7 gruelling months, beginning in March of 2000, the author had gone on the trail of a murderous madman. Unlike other contemporary manhunts, however, Miles' quarry was quite unique - he had been dead for nearly a century. To successfully track down this most elusive of killers, Chris Miles knew that it would be imperative to, not only seek crucial circumstantial evidence by uncovering records from dust-ridden files - but to understand the very nature of the criminal mind. What he re-discovered along the way, while 'bringing back to life' the essence of Victorian Whitechapel, was his personal and lifelong 'dossier': his father's intriguing past of bank robbers, gambling 'joints', and nightclubs; and his own days in the bar rooms, after hours clubs, motels, and 'mean streets' of Manhattan where, shockingly enough - twice - he had crossed paths with women who would be brutally murdered by psychopaths, and a third one he was to save by coming face-to-face with her potential killer. While peeking through this fascinating and unforgiving window, into the long unknown truth behind the Whitechapel murders, he would not only delve into the forgotten files of the merciless 19th century East End, but into the very mind of the 'criminal' - in a relentless quest to uncover the long-unknown identity of history's most legendary monster - Jack the Ripper. Contents include a never-before-analysed document linking Mary Jane Kelly to the killer; dozens of never-before-published pieces of evidence directly connecting an obscure Whitechapel resident to the heinous murders, and - for the first time in 116 years - a newly composed sketch of the legendary Whitechapel killer. Illus., Notes. 246pp. Vg. Extremely Scarce.


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