DOUBLE-DEALER. The John Blake Conspiracy.

Author: Watson (Peter)
Year: 1983
Publisher: Hutchinson.
Edition Details: h/b ISBN: 0091470803
Price: 10.00
How 5 art dealers, 4 policemen, 3 picture restorers, 2 auction houses and a journalist plotted to recover some of the world's most beautiful stolen paintings. The author went undercover to expose crooked dealers in the shadowy world of international art theft. Under the name of A. John Blake, he lived a double life, sometimes dangerous, occasionally comical, as he moved between London, New York and Italy in pursuit of stolen works of art. The John Blake conspiracy culminated in newspaper and television headlines in New York and Europe on Tuesday, 2nd March 1982. Two major works of art, both stolen, were handed over to Peter Watson, alias John Blake, in a New York hotel. Among the gang arrested as a result were a picture restorer from Cremona in Italy who ran a conduit for stolen paintings from Italy to America and a Roman Catholic priest serving on the staff of the Vatican's Mission to the UN. This astonishing story revealed for the first time Peter Watson's role in exposing how the international traffic in art theft operated. An ingenius and funny journalistic escapade. Illus. 264pp. 8vo. F. in f. dw.


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